Sitkinak Ground Beef

Processing will begin in mid-October.

Ground Beef is SOLD OUT for 2024. Please join the waitlist at the button below. Whole/side of beef or beef bundles are still available here.

sitkinak Beef

How to Order

A $250 deposit for ground beef is required to place an order.  Deposits will be deducted from final invoice. Processing will start in mid-October with shipping in late October, through November, and sometimes into December — depending weather.  Once a hanging weight has been determined, you will be invoiced based on the hanging weight of your beef. Full payment is required before you pick up your order. Cancellations or changes to orders must be made by September 1, 2024.  Refunds will not be issued for cancellations and, changes cannot be made to orders after September 1, 2024.

Ground Beef

Orders Delivery Date: Fall 2024

Ground Beef orders are similar to Sides of Beef orders. The difference is that you only receive ground beef. Pricing for initial sale is based on the hanging weight so you don’t pay for the skin, head, or stomach. You can buy either a whole, half, or quarter beef.

2024 Prices – Ground Beef $6.08 per pound hanging weight.  

Processing will begin in mid to late October with shipping starting in late October throughout November and sometimes into December depending on weather.  Once a hanging weight has been determined on your beef, you will be invoiced.  Orders are then processed and frozen.  Please allow at least 1-3 weeks after receiving your final invoice for your shipment to arrive.  All orders are shipped to the carrier (Ace or Alaska Air) closest to you.  You will be notified by phone or email when your order is available for pick-up from the carrier.  Orders are packed in the order in which they are received.

Examples listed below are based on averages.  Weights will vary and, percentages will vary.

Credit card fees

There will be a 3.5% credit card fee added to all orders.

DescriptionCarcass Hanging WeightAverage Percentage YieldPackaged Take-Home WeightValue of Take-Home MeatTOTAL Cost
Explanation:(Hanging on the rail after hide, head, and stomach are removed)(After removing bone and fat trimmings)(Carcass weight x approximately 60% yield)(Total cost divided by packaged weight)(Hanging weight x $6.08/lb)
Whole BeefAverage 620 lbsApproximately 60% yield.Average 372 lbs$10.13/lb$3,769.60
½ BeefAverage 300 lbsApproximately 60% yield.Average 180 lbs$10.13/lb$1,824.00
¼ BeefAverage 160 lbsApproximately 60% yield.Average 96 lbs$10.13/lb$972.80

What to expect:

Each animal will be different in weight, and selected randomly for each customer.

Carcass weights will vary from 500 to 800 pounds. The average is around 600 to 700 lbs on the rail. You can expect approximately 60% yield of this weight as finished package weight. All ground beef orders come in 2 pound packages and fully frozen.

Body Parts That Are at No Additional Charge (when placed with an order of beef).  We will do our best to full requests however, they are not guaranteed.

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Tongue
  • Soup Bones
  • Ox Tail

Shipping & Handling

Shipping from our ranch to Kodiak is figured into the purchase price, but shipping beyond Kodiak is an additional cost.

Shipping to Anchorage has been averaging around $0.75 per pound finished weight but, shipping rates vary and will not be determined until Fall 2024.

Customer is responsible for actual shipping costs based on finished weight and will be added to final invoice.

Orders will ship to the Ace or Alaska Air carrier facility closest to you.  You will need to pick up the order from the carrier within 3-5 days of your shipment arriving, once notified.  Tracking information will be provided on your invoice, if possible, depending on carrier.  Special requests for shipping must be noted on your order or, submitted by email prior to September 1, 2024.


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