1/4 Beef Bundle

2023 Sitkinak Whole/Side of Beef Orders are SOLD OUT.

Processing will begin in mid October.

1/4 Beef Bundle

Order Delivery Date: Fall 2023

A deposit of $250 is required for all Beef Bundle orders.  Deposit will be deducted from final purchase price once we have the total cost of your order based on the hanging weight of your beef.  Full payment is required in the fall before you pick up your order.

What to expect:

Approximately 40-45 lbs. of finished/boxed beef. (approximately 15 lbs of steak, 15 lbs of roasts, and15 lbs of burger). Each box/bundle will contain Tier 1 Steaks (i.e. rib steaks and/or t-bones), Tier 2 Steaks (i.e. sirloin and/or round steaks), mixed bone-in and boneless roasts (i.e. chuck, rump, round), and ground beef (i.e. 85/15 ratio in 2 lb poly bags).

We will provide customers who desire to have organs/extra cuts (e.g. heart, liver, tongue, oxtail) the opportunity for them for free, recognizing that these portions will be quite small as they are 1/4 portions of the beef.  We will do our best to fulfill organs/extra cuts however, we cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.  The bundles will cost approximately $650-700 plus shipping, but will be billed as by the hanging weight of $10.70/lb.  Example – 65# hanging weight x $10.70 per pound hanging weight = $695.50.  Finished weight is approximately 70% of hanging weight, 45# beef (not including organs).

All orders ship fully frozen.  Refunds will not be given for cancellations after September 1, 2023.  Special shipping requests must be noted on the original order form or submitted by email to info@alaskameat.com before September 1, 2023.  Changes to orders must be submitted by email before September 1, 2023.  Please add info@alaskameat.com to your safe sender list to avoid delays and notifications going to spam.

Credit card fees

There will be a 3.5% credit card fee added to all orders.


Organs can be requested at No additional charge (when placed with an order of beef).  We will do our best to fulfill special requests however, we cannot guarantee all requests will be filled.

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Tongue
  • Soup Bones
  • Ox Tail

Shipping & Handling

Shipping from our ranch to Kodiak is figured into the purchase price, but shipping beyond Kodiak is an additional cost.  All shipments will need to be picked up from the Ace or Alaska Air cargo closest to you.

Shipping to Anchorage has been averaging around $0.75 per pound, but shipping rates vary.  Shipping rates will not be determined until Fall, 2023.

Customer is responsible for actual shipping costs based on finished, boxed weight and will be added to final invoice.

Please allow at least 1-3 weeks shipping time after receiving your final invoice.  Tracking is limited from Sitkinak to Kodiak and Kodiak to your final destination and we cannot provide exact shipping times.  Orders will be shipped to the closest shipping facility near you, dependent on carrier.  You will be notified by phone or email when you order has arrived.  You will have approximately 3-5 days to pick up your order from the carrier facility.  If you need more time, please let the carrier know.  Payment in full must be received prior to picking up your order.  


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