Sitkinak Ranch

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Our ranch is located on Sitkinak Island… a remote spot located off of the southern end of Kodiak Island and 115 miles south from the town of Kodiak, Alaska.   We are the only ranch on the island, with occasional commercial fishing or hunting guests.  In such an isolated location, our cattle are able to freely roam the island year-around with abundant food and water.

A surprise to most people… Sitkinak Island is almost entirely tree-less.  Receiving over 70 inches of rainfall per year, it provides incredibly abundant grasslands. 

These native grasses provide year-around forage for our cattle.  This stress-free environment enables us to naturally provide a grass-fed product that is minimally handled and in-turn provides a higher quality product to our customers.

A small quarter horse herd runs on the island, typically hanging out around the ranch headquarters.  Some of these horses will be integrated into the management of the ranch and the cattle.

We share this ranch with abundant and diverse populations of wildlife.  Eagles, fox, black tailed deer, seals, otters, and many other wildlife species reside on the island.  They co-exist well with each other as the resources are abundant and everyone enjoys having them around.